To show people how the transforming power of the Love of Christ gives us the capacity to receive and live into a new identity.


Learn the ten values that keep the vision of Grace Church clear. These values reflect our priority to reach people with the Gospel.
1. Jesus is the center of everything.
It’s about: Priorities
2. We believe big and start small.
It’s about: Active Faith
3. We love one another the way God loves us. It’s about: Honoring People
4. We are participants, not spectators.
It’s about: Taking Action
5. We give our best because He gave His best. It’s about: Excellence
6. We don’t maintain, we multiply.
It’s about: Ongoing Growth
7. We experience life as a diverse community. It’s about: Diversity
8. We minister the gospel in word and deed. It’s about: Mercy & Justice
9. We do life together. 
It’s about: Teamwork
10. We will not take this for granted.
It’s about: Gratitude